Right Brain Nominated for Can of the Year!

Right-brained brewery gets a nod for its left field designs.


It’s official! The world’s largest organization of beer can fanatics, the Brewery Collectibles Club of America, has nominated Right Brain Brewery’s (RBB) Willpower Pale Ale 16 ounce can for their ‘Can of the Year’ honors.


With over 4,000 members in 26 different countries, the members of the BCCA know their cans. “It kind of feels like we’ve been nominated for an Academy Award or something,” says Leif Kolt, Right Brain’s Brand & Marketing coordinator, and the artist behind the Willpower can design.


With almost 15 years of design experience, Kolt had a clear idea of what he wanted to accomplish when he first set out to design Right Brain’s first ever can. “I’m not going to lie, my prime directive was to get them nominated for some sort of award. One of the defining characteristics of our brand is our relationship with art and design… this is the culmination of that vision.”


This isn’t the first time RBB has garnered worldwide attention. In 2011, they took home a gold medal at the Great American Beer Festival for ‘Best Experimental Beer’ with their Mangalitsa Pig Porter (a chocolaty brew made with real pig heads and bones).


“Being different is what has defined our brand. We’ve proved that before with our beers, and now we have a chance to do that with our art and marketing,” says Kolt.


Although they’re based out of Traverse City, Michigan, taking home ‘Best of’ honors would be a big win for not only RBB, but also the entire ‘Great Beer State’. “Any time a Michigan brewery gets national exposure it’s good for the state’s beer industry as a whole,” says Kolt. “More exposure means more tourists and beer lovers looking toward us as a true beer destination.”


In the next month each BCCA member will be submitting his or her vote for the top dog honors, and the official winner will be announced this August.